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Boosting Curb Appeal: Roof Cleaning Project in Charlotte, NC by Lancaster Pro Wash


Hello, I’m Isaac Barfield, proud owner of Lancaster Pro Wash. I’m excited to share our recent hands-on experience with a roof cleaning project in Charlotte, North Carolina. This task held a distinct appeal for our team, as it involved a gorgeous home in Charlotte’s historic Myers Park – demanding exceptional care and expertise in our roof cleaning in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Description of the Project

Our job was to clean a large-scale residential roof, replete with years of dirt, moss, and algae buildup. The challenge was not simply cleaning, but doing so while ensuring the roof’s longevity and the home’s aesthetics.

Using industry-leading techniques, we employed a low-pressure soft wash system to delicately yet effectively eliminate grime and organic materials, leaving behind a rejuvenated roof, ready to withstand rain and shine!

Challenges and Solutions

The project posed a unique challenge, in that, the roof was not just expansive, but also stood atop a historic Charlotte home meaning we needed to tread with extra caution to preserve the building’s integrity.

To overcome this, our strategy focused on careful preparation, using eco-friendly cleaning agents, and adjusting our pressure washing system to diligently perform without causing any harm to the roofing material.

Impact on the Local Community

A well-kept home speaks volumes about its neighborhood. Our roof cleaning project in the heart of Charlotte, at Myers Park, not only uplifted the home’s appeal but also contributed positively to the neighborhood’s overall image.

Efforts such as these inspire homeowners to engage in regular upkeep of their properties, directly impacting the local community by enhancing the visual appeal and quality of living.


Looking back, the success of our roof cleaning project in Charlotte, North Carolina, underpins our dedication to quality service and commitment to preserving the beauty of our local communities.

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