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Hello, I’m Isaac Barfield from Lancaster Pro Wash. Today, I’ll take you through one of our intriguing projects – a deck cleaning in Charlotte, North Carolina. This effort was centered around a beautiful mid-century home, known for its distinctive architectural style, and its vinyl siding had suffered from years of weather elements and needful of a deck cleaning in Charlotte NC.

Description of the Project

The beauty of the mid-century home was greatly masked by years of grime on its deck. Our mission was to unearth the original charm while preventing any damage to the structure during the cleaning process.

Our experienced team kick-started the restoration endeavor using a gentle but effective soft wash cleaning solution. This biodegradable solution, combined with mild pressure, ensured comprehensive yet gentle cleaning, restoring the luster of the deck cleaning without any harm to the surrounding environment.

Challenges and Solutions

Cleaning vinyl siding on older houses can be quite challenging due to the sensitivity of the material and the intricate details of the architecture. In this situation, the key was to clean effectively while preserving the architectural details.

In response, we deployed our tailored deck washing technique for deck cleaning, adjusting the pressure and detergent ratio to optimum levels. As a result, the grime was meticulously removed, leaving the ornate details of the house intact.

Impact on the Local Community

A well-maintained house adds value beyond its boundaries. Our deck cleaning project not only revived one home but enhanced the charm of the overall neighborhood in Charlotte.

Moreover, such conservation efforts to restore the city’s architectural gems inspires homeowners to invest in keeping their residences well-maintained, preserving Charlotte’s unique blend of historical and contemporary aesthetics.


All in all, this patio deck cleaning in Charlotte encapsulates the transformative power of professional cleaning in property conservation. The successful revitalization of the mid-century house is a testament to Lancaster Pro Wash’s commitment to quality.

If you reside in Charlotte and your house also needs professional deck cleaning, don’t hesitate to click here and schedule an appointment with us. Together, let’s work in preserving the charm of our Charlotte community.